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Strengthen Your Organization With Cingular Focus

Coach Dishman will be your organization's mental skills coach. Every player, coach, and parent will have access to the Cingular Focus Mental Skills App, Virtual Meeting Program, and additional programming.

You are adding Coach Dishman's experience and expertise to your coaching staff. Take your organization to the next level!

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Gain An Experienced Coach

You are adding a coach with over thirty-five years of experience. 

  • Masters in Sport Psychology

  • Played Professional Baseball Atlanta Braves (AAA)

  • Played Collegiate Baseball Duke University

  • Twenty-Years Coaching Experience

  • Injury Rehabilitation Experience

Advertise Cingular Focus and Coach Dishman as part of your program. 

The Mental Performance and Mentorship program guides players, parents, and coaches.

Program Includes:

  • Coach Dishman Is Your Mental Skills Coach

  • Access To Coach Dishman To Answer Questions

  • Mental Skills App Branded To Your Organization (Minimum Size Requirement)

  • Access To Group Virtual Meetings DIscussing Topics

  • Section For Parents

  • Section For Coaches

  • Bulk Pricing & Family Access

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