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On Your Marks


Dishman Performance LLC was created to provide Mental Skills Training to amateur athletes and organizations. The founder of Dishman Performance LLC realized and lived the importance of having a proper mindset and full mental skills toolbox when achieving goals.


Coach Dishman created the Dishman Performance App knowing the right mental skills enable athletes to manage the highs and lows during competition. Mental Skills are just like physical skills and need to be developed. Dishman Performance introduces the skills, why they make a difference, and when to use them. Understanding and practicing these skills lead to resilient, confident, and motivated athletes.

Coach Dishman has lived this process and understands its importance. It is now time to pass these experiences on to the next generation of student-athletes. Former professional athletes developed the program, consisting of evidence-based material, to help today’s athletes achieve their dreams by growing their most crucial asset…Their Minds!

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