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Dishman Performance Organizational Coaching

Strengthen Your Organization With Mindset Training

Dishman Performance will strengthen your organization at the coaching, player, and parental levels. Our focus is to help your organization develop a complete player and person. When you add Coach Dishman to your staff you're adding over thirty years of playing, coaching, and mental skills experience.

Coach Dish App

  • For each player, parent & coach

  • Weekly content

  • 24/7 access

Parents & Coaches

  • Specific content for parents

  • Specific content for coaches

  • Parent/Coach virtual meetings

Player Assessments

  • Assessments for players

  • Organizational level results

  • Skill-building framework

Virtual Meetings

  • Live virtual meetings

  • Recorded virtual meetings

  • Specialty virtual meetings

Question & Answer

  • Pre-ask questions for meetings

  • Access to Q&A section

  • Video/Audio responses

Discounted Sessions

  • Priority scheduling

  • Discounted individual sessions

  • Based on availability

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Organizational Coaching



Coach Dishman Is Your Programs Mental Skills Provider

Valid for one year

Coach Dishman Is Your Programs Mental Skills Provider

Mental Skills App For Each Player, Coach, & Parents

Access To Virtual Group Meetings

Question & Answer Section

Mental Skills Assessments For Players & Coaches

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