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Mental Skills Training & Skill Development 

Dishman Performance provides mental skills coaching for individuals and organizations. Delivering an evidence-based program, with an experienced-based perspective, to prepare you for the challenges ahead! Develop the appropriate mindset and create a plan of action to develop your skills and reach your goals! This program is for players, parents & coaches of all ages.


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These are some of the features that help Coach Dishman communicate and build a relationship with the athletes. Dishman Performance will train you to take charge. You will learn the fundamental mental skills that lead to a productive mindset. Your mindset is developed just like your physical skills, and here the foundation is built.


Richard pitched collegiately at Duke University and with the Atlanta Braves Organization, where he reached AAA. Rich is a Mental Skills Coach who has worked with leading amateur youth sports organizations country wide. Rich combines his coaching and playing experiences, with his academic training to be the best resource for parents and players during their development. Richard Dishman has a Master's in Sport Psychology.


“I want these skills to become part of the athlete's natural thinking process. We are creating a mindset of flexibility, resiliency, and work ethic. Learning how to apply these skills in everyday life allows the person to become more comfortable with the skills and use the skills in pressure situations.”

Coach Rich, I just wanted to thank you for the guidance over the past several years with my son Tanner. As you know, he is going into his senior year, and with the recruiting window narrowed down, the advice and thought process you helped us navigate was most important. The complexity in place now for college and pro ball is challenging, but my son could not have a better system than what you and Dishman Performance offer...As parents, we can't forget the foundation that makes a lasting impact on life----you made that point up front in the 1st conversation. My father would tell me and my younger brothers over and over--2 things every ballplayer runs out of---time and talent. The balance and perspective you have given my son and me are immeasurable!

I was introduced to the concept of mental skills training when I was twelve years old.  At the time, I didn't realize how important these skills would become to my success on and off the field. Being introduced to these concepts and practicing the skills daily helped prepare me for the ups and downs of sport and life. I am forever grateful to my parents for introducing me to this important topic.

Coach Dishman

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