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Dishman Performance App

Mindset Matters

Coach Dishman introduces weekly topics to develop your mindset and provide a framework for skill-building. Dishman Performance is free to download. A monthly subscription is required to access premium content.

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The Dishman Performance App is free to download. To access premium content in the app requires a monthly subscription of $5.99.


  • Players

  • Parents

  • Coaches

  • Ages 12+


  • Create Your Environment

  • See It, Before You Do It!

  • Skills Development

  • Optimize Performance


  • Delivered Weekly

  • Video & Audio

  • Parents Section

  • Coaches Section


  • PDF Downloads

  • Virtual Assessments

  • Skills Development

  • Applied Exercises


  • Maximize Your Role

  • Experienced Coach

  • Life, Sports & School

  • Prepare For Future

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