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Learn The Fundamentals

At Cingular Focus, we're training you to take charge. You will learn the fundamental mental skills that lead to a productive mindset. Your mindset is developed just like your physical skills, and here the Foundation is built!

The Foundation: Services
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Access your content at any time on your phone or computer. Parents, coaches, and players all have their own individual access to Cingular Focus on the app.

Studying at Home


Mental skills are introduced monthly with short two to three-minute videos & an explanation of why they work and when to use them. On the field, in the classroom, and with friends and family. There are sections for parents and coaches to ask questions and see the content. This is a family program!

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Engaging media content and text to teach mental skills. It takes five to ten minutes to learn the weekly skill, and then you apply it during your day-to-day athletic and academic lives. Receive push notifications and SMS for targeted content. Contact Cingular Focus anytime with your questions.

"As parents, we can't forget the foundation that makes a lasting impact for life..."

Kirk B.

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