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Skills Applied In Game & Life

Our focus is to develop you as an athlete and a person. We show you when, how, and why to use the skills. Monthly Positional Virtual Meetings. I want these skills to become part of the athlete's natural thinking process. We are creating a mindset of flexibility, resiliency, and work ethic. Learning how to apply these skills in everyday life allows the person to become more comfortable with them and use them in pressure situations.

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Sport Tactics


Cingular Focus includes digital and PDF exercises to practice using the skills in competition, the classroom, and life. There are also assessments and self-reflection questions to strengthen skills and track development.

Soccer Team


We use real-life scenarios to show athletes how and when to use the mental skills they're developing. Our game experiences are shared through podcasts and virtual group meetings.

Rugby Field


The app allows athletes to access tools to prepare for an event or debrief after a competition. After a game, send in what you're dealing with, and we'll get to work to provide feedback and advice.

"Learning these skills are great, but what makes it impactful is learning when to use them..."

Dan B.

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