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Working Together

These are some of the features that help Coach Dishman communicate and build a relationship with the athletes. The Cingular Focus program is training you to take charge. You will learn the fundamental mental skills that lead to a productive mindset. Your mindset is developed just like your physical skills, and here the foundation is built.

Helping Hand


The Question & Answer portion of the program is at the core of us working together. If you have a thought, question, need advice, or want to explore a topic further ask Cingular Focus. We'll answer your question.


Virtual Group Meetings to cover the topics and learn how to apply them to your daily life, your athletic life, and any situation you face. Meetings take place weekly, covering different topics. Meetings are for Players, Parents, and Coaches.

Studying at Home
Support Group


Each section of the program has its own podcast that allows you to listen how to apply the skills in real-world situations. Assessments that explore your self-awareness and develop a history to work off of.

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